Dry Crab Curry

Crabs 12 nos.
Coconut, grated ¾ scraped
Red Chilies 25-30 nos.
Coriander seeds 2 tbsps.
Cumin seeds 1 tbsp.
Fenugreek seeds ½ tsp.
Peppercorns 1 tbsp.
Turmeric Powder ½ tsp.
Garlic 6-8 flakes
Tamarind medium
Onion chopped ½
Jeera ½ tbsp.
Garlic 6 flakes .
Onion chopped 1 no.
Salt To taste

For Seasoning

Coconut Oil 2 tbsps.
Onion chopped 1 no
Garlic chopped 4-5 flakes

1.Wash the crab properly at least 3-4 times before opening.
2.Then break the crab into two and keep only the part with the flesh in it.
3.Fry the masala ingredients red chilies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, peppercorns, and oama, in a little oil.
4.Then grind all the above mentioned ingredients along with turmeric powder, garlic, tamarind, & onion.
5.Remove the masala and add to the cleaned crab.
6.Also grind to a paste coconut, jeera and garlic flakes.
7.Add chopped onion and salt to the crab and cook till done.
8.Now add the rough coconut paste and cook on slow fire till it becomes almost
9.Keep coconut oil in a vessel and add chopped onion and garlic flakes and fry.
10.Then pour curry over seasoning. Cover and remove from fire.