Nutty Chicken


Boneless shredded chicken 250 gms.
Soy sauce 1 tbsp.
Ginger paste 1 tbsp.
Pepper 1 tsp.
Cornflour 1 tbsp.
Ginger 8 slices
Spring onion finely chopped ¼ cup
Capsicum, chopped ¼ cup
Mushroom, chopped ¼ cup
Oil for frying As required
Salt As required
For the Sauce
Chicken stock ¼ cup
Soy sauce 1 tbsp.
Tomato sauce 3 tbsps.
Chili sauce 1 tsp.
Vinegar 1tbsp.
Sugar ½ tsp.
Walnuts,fried and chopped 2 tbsps.
Cashewenuts, fried and 2 tbsps.
Almonds, fried and chopped 2 tbsps.
Pepper ¼ tsp.
Salt As required


1.Marinate the chicken with the soya sauce, ginger paste, pepper, salt and cornflour. Set aside for 15 minutes.
2.Heat some oil in a wok and stir fry the spring onions, ginger, capsicum,
mushrooms and salt for a minute and remove from heat when done.
3.In the same wok add remaining oil, and fry the marinated chicken and cook till